Recruiting Process

There are several paths you may take to enter the recruitment process at Novogradac & Company LLP.  If you are a university candidate, visit your individual school page to see when we will be visiting your campus.  We look forward to meeting you at an event or conducting an on-campus interview with you. If you are an experienced candidate, you may visit our application page to upload your resume and view current openings.


Campus Interviews

Novogradac & Company LLP visits more than 50 campuses across the country. We hold technical presentations, attend events and most importantly, conduct on-campus interviews. We conduct on-campus interviews for both our internship and full-time staff accountant positions. Typically, there are deadlines for each step, including resume and cover letter submissions, and candidate selection and notification. The interviews are generally 30 minutes. Interviews will be conducted either by an accountant or a recruiter from the company and will give you an opportunity to learn what we’re all about.


Office Interviews

We believe the recruiting process is a two-way street. We want to get to know each of you as best we can and we want each of you to get to know us as best you can.


For many of our current opportunities, our process involves meeting with our recruiter and at least one person from each career level – staff accountant, senior accountant, manager or principal, and partner.  This should provide unique insight as to what our firm has to offer both you and your career. Candidates are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible in order to make an informed career decision!


Meet the Firms

Meet the Firms is an annual networking and recruiting event. Students have the opportunity to learn about different accounting and financial services firms and the opportunities for full-time or internship positions.  Meet the Firms events enable students to network with professionals and recruiters from accounting and financial services firms as well as a number of companies from the public, corporate, government and nonprofit accounting sectors.


Doing both Audit and Tax is just one thing that sets us apart from other firms. As a growing accounting and consulting firm we offer a range of services including audit, tax, valuation, expert witness and litigation support, property compliance and general consulting services.


Novogradac & Company LLP is a great place to start or continue your career! Whether you are a recent college graduate or an experienced professional, we provide a resourceful environment conducive to professional growth and opportunity.



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